TestOps Agent Installation Issues Please Help

I need some brilliant minds, or at the very least someone who has more experience than me with Katalon.
I have followed the steps in the documentation but cannot get the agent file to install. When I go try to run the start.bat file I get an error that says the app cannot run on your PC.

PC Specs:
Windows 10 x64
32bg Ram

Attached are screen shots of the errors I have received.

Let me know what else you need.

Bump… Anyone have any suggestions, this seems like it should be a fairly easy setup but just appears to be broken. Setting up the Agent on OSx was super simple, took maybe a few minutes only.

Sorry, not sure about this one. Calling out @ThanhTo @devalex88

Just shooting from the hip here, as I’ve never installed the agent personally, but I see a filepath in your screenshot:

C:\Users\shahin.fard\Downloads\DellTesting (1).zip

Maybe the shahin.fard is being interpreted as a file, and not part of that path? Try changing it to something like:

C:\Users\shahin_fard\Downloads\DellTesting (1).zip

Hi @shahin.fard,

Have you tried downloading the agent installation package and unzipping the agent again? As I can see from your screenshot that it failed to unzip the executable file which is cli-win-x64.exe.

Unfortunately I can’t control the file structure for the user name as it’s company defined. However I don’t think that would cause an extraction issue with a zip file as I’ve extracted hundreds of files no problem.


I have, this file has been downloaded and extracted about 10 times and I always get the same result. I have used several programs to extract the file, all of them give an error, the one in the screen shot actually gives more info to the error than any others.

After trying everything I could find on the web and everything I could find additionally I went ahead and tried to install the agent on my personal PC, it installed without fail. So I went back to my IT team again to inform them that it is indeed something with our security, or something on that machine specifically that was blocking/stopping the installation.

Shortly afterward they were able to figure out it out and get the problem resolved.