Testing for Newbies (6) - Resources to Learn about Java & Groovy

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15. Programming Languages in Katalon Studio
16. Documentation
17. Tutorialspoint
18. Katalon Forum

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15. Programming Languages in Katalon Studio

Although Katalon Studio allows users to use the built-in commands and objects generated by the software through Record and Playback, the functionalities are still pretty limited. By learning some of the programming languages that Katalon Studio supports, like Java and Groovy, users can have the flexibility to create their custom keywords, advance test scripts for better automation, or use conditional statements or loops.

Currently, Katalon Studio supports:

  • Java 8 and onward
  • Groovy v.2.4.x+

:point_right: To see more supported technologies and their versions in Katalon Studio, you can check this doc https://docs.katalon.com/docs/katalon-studio-enterprise/release-notes/supported-technologies

What is Java?

Java is a high-level, class-based, and OOP (object-oriented programming) language created in 1995. It is used in multiple applications such as:

*Mobile application (especially Android apps)

*Desktop applications

*Web applications

*Database connection

Java is considered one of the most popular programming languages, and it’s easy to learn and use. Java can work on different platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.)

What is Groovy?

Groovy is a scripting language, and it’s Java-syntax-compatible, meaning that Groovy syntax is similar to Java syntax with some exceptions. Like Java, you can use Groovy to develop software like desktop applications or web applications using frameworks.

The difference between Java and Groovy is that Groovy adds python-like syntax to Java and provides more flexibility while writing code. Given that Groovy is a language built on top of Java, your Java code is considered valid Groovy if you are proficient in Java.

:point_right: For an exhaustive list of the comparison between Java and Groovy, you can check this Difference between Groovy and Java - GeeksforGeeks

16. Documentation

Resources to learn Java range from documentation to tutorial sites. You can learn things in Java, such as Java classes similar to Custom Keywords in Katalon Studio or JUnit framework.

Java Documentation

Java Documentation provided by Oracle consists of materials from lessons on installing Java Development Kit to learning the basic Java classes. The documentation consists of the list of functionalities and their purposes to help new and experienced developers.

Groovy Documentation

Like Java, Groovy also has documentation that contains all the necessary information on its functionalities, syntax, keywords, and others.

17. Tutorialspoint

Tutorialspoint is a website that provides education related to Computer Science, Information Technology, Programming Languages, and others. The site offers free tutorials and training materials, which many training companies use to teach their students.

Tutorialspoint for Java

###Tutorialspoint for Groovy

18. Katalon Forum

Katalon Community also has numerous users who come from Java backgrounds to assist in answering questions related to Java. There are also Katalon Studio users who have used Groovy for a while to help guide new users to ease their way through learning a new programming language.

Java Posts

Groovy Posts

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