New on Katalon web testing


I am new user for Katalon. I am using it for Web testing. I have some questions about katalon.

  1. Is it required any specific language to write test script?
  2. How i get information about katalon updates?
  3. Can i create test case module wise and run at same time as suite?


  1. Java / Groovy
  2. Updates are pushed automatically
  3. What do you mean?


Which is most used Java or Groovy? I will use JAVA.
3. Actually can i create test cases page wise, means Login page, main page, Add form, Edit form etc.

I see. Of course, you can logically divide your automation project into separate pages/views/whatever. And run test suites in parallel:

And you can use either Java or Groovy (or even combine them).

Which is most used Java or Groovy?

To elaborate more on this, Groovy is a programming/scripting language that is an extension of Java, which means that anything (almost) that is written in Java is automatically valid Groovy code, but the inverse is not true.

I will use JAVA.

Me too! While I love Groovy for its ease-of-use when writing scripts, I prefer Java for a multitude of reasons. The most important may be that if you decide to switch to a different tool (blasphemous, I know…) that doesn’t use Groovy, your Java code will work regardless.