Testing AIO Reports in Jira Dashboards

We’re using Katalon Studio Enterprise 7.5.2 to test a Jira-based application. The application includes dashboards created using AIO (All-in-one) Reports. I’m trying to capture the elements in the AIO reports using the web spy and I see the elements outlined in red, but when I try to capture them, they aren’t added to the captured elements. Actually, the title of the report text is changed to what I think is the selector on the page, which is pretty bizarre.
When I try to manually write an XPath, this also fails.
I also tried the web recorder and it didn’t record any of my clicks inside the reports.
Each report is inside an iframe, which then contains a document, which itself contains an html tag (iframe/document/html/body). I expect this is what is breaking Katalon’s ability to select the elements.

If anyone has encountered this before and has any tips, I would really appreciate it!

The best tip is to capture as much of the relevant HTML as possible in a screenshot. If the element you’re trying to access is written as HTML that runs in a browser it can be targeted in a test.

Use DevTools and take a screenshot of the Inspector window showing the element and the iframe structure.