Test suite report anlysis

Just interested on how and what people do with the test suite reports.

Do most people use katalon analytics to store the reports and look at them that way? We are used to looking at all the cycles in Jira and what the outcome was so its just for me to get a idea of how people use the reports effectively.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated

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I don’t use Katalon Analytics. There are a few people here that have mentioned the public nature of the system makes them steer away from it, me included.

I hear from @devalex88 that a server version of KA will be made available within a month or so. Then you’ll be able to run KA on your own network.

Personally, I write my own reports so the analysis is something I need to address myself. But I will give the local KA a shot first.

p.s. I’m moving this to KA category.

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Yea thanks - for some reason i couldnt find the KA category

I totally agree, thats why i created this thread. Server version sounds interesting, ill be looking out for that.

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