Test Suite fails on Linux - unable to resolve class internal.GlobalVariable


I’m trying to run simple test suite on Linux, with following command line:

./katalon -consoleLog -runMode=console -browserType=Chrome -projectPath=/home/user/Downloads/Katalon_Studio_Linux-5.4.2/testproject/testproject.prj -testSuitePath=/Test\ Suites/testproject

org.codehaus.groovy.control.MultipleCompilationErrorsException: startup failed:

/home/user/Downloads/Katalon_Studio_Linux-5.4.2/testproject/Libs/TempTestSuite1528373690343.groovy: 14: unable to resolve class internal.GlobalVariable

@ line 14, column 1.

import internal.GlobalVariable as GlobalVariable

How can i resolve this? I checked few articles which indicated that it could be missing arguments in buildfile (no missing files) and work-around with copying Libs-folder from fresh new project - didn’t work either.

I’m quite new with Katalon so i’m bit lost, where is this defined in the project - i can’t find anything in the default Execution profile

when doing: grep -ril “internal.GlobalVariable” i can see that this is generated to the temp .groove files as well in GlobalVariable.class - but the .class file is not in cleartext so don’t think that i can edit it there ?

Hey @7879-Olli

I found work around. I
removed *.class from gitignore and added
‘bin\lib\internal\GlobalVariable.class’ file in respository.

So whenever I have changed GlobalVariable, I add updated GlobalVariable.class file as well and it works pretty smoothly.