Groovy:unable to resolve class internal.GlobalVariable when trying to run a test suite

When trying to run a test suite that I already created, I keep facing the error:

Groovy:unable to resolve class internal.GlobalVariable

caused by some temporary test suite TempTestSuite1641626330433.groovy in the Libs folder.

Whenever I face this issue, on my Windows 10 machine, I either Close and Clean Up the project, or manually delete the following folders:

  • .cache
  • bin
  • Libs

It seems like, no matter how many times I do both those steps, restart Katalon Studio, and try to run the test suite, I face the issue.

I am on Katalon Studio v8.2.0. From googling this issue, people have been facing it for years.

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Seriously? There is ongoing issue with the software, for several years, and you’re trying to go after me for spelling out “wtf”?!

This right here speaks volumes about how little KMS cares about their software products

You need to ask?

No. It’s an old bug, diagnosed by me and fixed by @devalex88, years ago.

I’m not trying, I’m succeeding.

I moderated the message. I don’t work for Katalon.

If you wish to express your feelings, however strongly, about Katalon management and their software, do it in an email to the official support desk instead of venting your spleen in a public forum, where, frankly, nobody cares to hear your rants or your opinions.

If it is an old bug, then why is it still in production, years later? More importantly, what can we do about it on our end?

Here’s what could happen, if you’re willing and able to remain civil…

  1. YOU: Clean up (i.e. edit) your first message, add more info about the problem (test code, error reports in full, logs etc)
  2. ME: When I see you’ve done that, I clean up this thread, move this to Bug reports and I make a call out to others that may be able to help.

It’s unfortunate we seem to be on opposite time zones, but do what I suggest and we’ll get this triaged soon as.

Ball’s in your court…