Test Suite Collection UI > Execution Information > Grid > Column Width of Profile is inconvenient

I use Katalon Studio ver 7.2.1 on Windows 10.

Please find the attached screenshot.

  • I make heavy use of Execution Profile feature. As my KS project gets bigger, I need more parameters, so I encapsulate them in Execution Profiles. I make a lot of Profiles. The name of Profiles tend to be long so that I can distinguish them each other.
  • In a project, I made an Execution Profile named HP_byLBName_本番環境_category1 - 絞り込み. Please note, it is a long name.
  • I made an Test Suite Collection. It refers to the above-mentioned Execution Profile.
  • In the UI of Test Suite Collection definition, there is a grid of which columns are labeled No, ID, Run with, Run Configuration, Profile, Run.
  • The width of each columns are preset by Katalon Studio with proportions approximately:
    – No : 5%
    – ID: 35%
    – Run with: 15%
    – Run Configuration: 25%
    – Profile: 15%
    – Run: 10%

(1) The problem is that the width of Profile column is not wide enough. As the screenshot above shows, my Profile HP_byLBName_本番環境_category1 - 絞り込み is displayed as HP_byLBName_ because the column for Profile is narrow.

  • I can not distinguish among all which Profile is associated here.
  • Everytime I open this UI, I have to change the width of columns with mouse manually to see the full name of Profile. This makes me irritated.
  • When I try to change the width of columns in the grid, the UI reacts strange! As I click the border of columns and move it, the column’s width moves differently from what I would expect intuitive
  • I want to see the full name of the Profile to be displayed immediately when I open the UI. I want 30% or larger for the Profile column.

(2) I have no idea what the column titled Run Configuration is used for. At least I never use it. The column is allocated with 25% width with empty cell. The Run Configuration column pushes the Profile column to narrower width, which is inconvenient for me.

(3) The column width of the grid is preset with a fixed proportion. It would be nice if the column width is automatically adjusted to the cell contents — Enough width for long Profile names, less for blank columns such as Run Configuration.


I hope you to put this into the Katalon backlog.

Hello @kazurayam

We have enhanced this in version 7.7 based on your request.

Happy testing


Thank you for your efforts. I checked the ver 7.7.0.

(1) I want more width for the ‘Profile’ column. I would need +width for 12 characters (XXXXXXXXXXXX) for it. I think that narrower width for other columns: ‘No’, ‘Run Configuration’ and ‘Run’ would suffice.

(2) When I manually tune the width of grid columns, the UI reacts intuitively. I am satisfied with it.