Test suite collection error

I have added test suite, for recorded web flow and made a collection of same test suite

Am getting some errors in execution

Is the ‘Run with’ column correctly configured, is there any step missing. Reason, i am asking, since the document displayed variants of browser in the said column. Bu in my case its displaying ‘web service’

let me know, if this is known problem

You created the project using a wrong template (WebService).
To fix it, you have to:

  • close the project in Katalon (or close Katalon completely)
  • navigate in your project folder and locate the file named YourProjectName.prj and open it with a text editor
  • locate the line saying <type>WEBSERVICE</type>
  • change that line to be <type>WEBUI</type>
  • re-open your project in Katalon

Once done, you will notice the overall view changes a bit and you will have the web browser configurations avaiable.

Anyway, if your TestCases are doing only WebService tests (API calls) the Webservice template and execution profile is good enough.


Thanks. This fix is working now

@vinayak_joshi Don’t forget to mark @bionel’s post as the SOLUTION: