Test run on real device

hi. I want to run my test on real device and I connected it to my mac.But when I want to select the device, I couldn’t see my connected real device. How is it possible to run on real device? Also I enabled UI Automation from developer section in settings. Actually I didn’t find any information on katalon documents

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Please give me some information if you have an idea, thank you.

Hi tutku, are you using an iOS or Android device?

Chris Trevarthen said:

Hi tutku, are you using an iOS or Android device?

I am using mac os and my device is Ipad

Hi Tutku,

One thing that could be causing this is if the “idevice_id” utility is not installed or cannot see your devices. “idevice_id” is part of the library “libimobiledevice”. It’s quite possible that Katalon Studio is using that to communicate with real iOS devices.

First you can you running it and seeing if it’s installed and if you see any devices. From your Terminal, run:

idevice_id -l

If it’s not installed, then you can install it:

If you have Homebrew already, just run:

brew install libimobiledevice

If you don’t have Homebrew yet, check out its homepage for how to install it:


After that, you should be able to run this command and see the list of all your real attached devices (not simulators, though):

idevice_id -l

If I’m right, and that’s how Katalon Studio sees real devices (NOTE: I already have libimobiledevice installed, so that could be why I can see them) then you should be all set!

Hope this helps,

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