Test keeps running infinite on jenkins


I configured Jenkins on a windows server, installed the chromedriver and execute a Katalon test.
The test suite contains two tests: (1) webservice call and (2) a website test.
(1) works perfectly
(2) keeps running and running without any feedback (see image).

Any idea how I can figure out what is causing this?

Try to run it with Katalon Studio in the debug view.
There is probably an error when chrome starts.

Same issue observed with Jenkins on linux server. Any workarounds/solutions would be highly appreciated.


singleRun: false
was causing PhantomJS to hang. Set it to true, to stop PhantomJS when the tests are over.

You can also make separate config file for karma, like karma.conf.local.js and run it using the command:

karma start karma.conf.local.js // useful for local testing, no Jenkins
This will prevent the need to edit the config file all the time for Jenkins.