Test fails when tested web application pop-up window closes automatically

Hi, I’m trying to configure an automated test script for the web application that I’m currently working on. I have a problem that I couldn’t solve so far… You see, when Katalon Automation Recorder simulates a mouse click on webapp pop-up window and this pop-up automatically closes itself (it’s programmed to do so) then an error occurs: “Message manager
disconnected” and the test fails.

My question is: do you know any workaround for this kind of use case?

It looks like this:

I will greatly appreciate any help or tips.


Hi @4242-Marcin

Sorry for the delay in responding. Please check out this link as other users have the same issue.

Let us know if you have other problem or concerns,

Thank you for choosing Katalon products,

Dear Liam,

First of all - thank you for your answer. I’ve tried both solutions that were presented under the link you provided but none of them worked for me. The problem there is in fact pretty similar but not quite the same. In my case error “Message manager disconnected” shows up every time when any pop-up window closes itself whereas in the thread you suggested this kind of error message seemed to occur randomly.

My guess here is that Katalon simply focuses on this pop-up window and when it closes itself this focus is being abruptly interrupted.

Do you have any other suggestions?

And one more thing, I really have to admit that the Katalon is a very neat and useful piece of software. I hope we can solve this problem so that me and my colleages can continue making automated tests using this great product.

Can you create a live example/demo for us to look at? Like to see what’s going on till now didn’t run into this scenario with pop-ups yet so have no clue on what’s going on!