Test Execution : Running Katalon scripts in same browser with different version

Hi, Can we run Katalon scripts in same browser with different versions.
Say i have two different google chrome versions installed (v66, v65), i wanted to run Testcase1 in v66 and Testcase 2 in v65.
kindly help.

I can show you how.

I have made a demo project at:

Especially the following Test Case script show you how to:

I would quote the sample test case here. PLS read the comments.

import static com.kms.katalon.core.testobject.ObjectRepository.findTestObject
import org.openqa.selenium.WebDriver
import org.openqa.selenium.chrome.ChromeDriver
import org.openqa.selenium.chrome.ChromeOptions
import com.kms.katalon.core.webui.driver.DriverFactory
import com.kms.katalon.core.webui.keyword.WebUiBuiltInKeywords as WebUI
System.setProperty('webdriver.chrome.driver', "C:/Katalon_Studio_Windows_64-5.4.1/configuration/resources/drivers/chromedriver_win32/chromedriver.exe")
System.setProperty('webdriver.chrome.logfile', 'C:/temp/chromedriver_TC1.log')
//def chromeBinaryPath = 'C:/Program Files (x86)/Google/Chrome/Application/chrome.exe'  // ver: latest( 66.0.3359.181)
def chromeBinaryPath = 'C:/Users/username/AppData/Local/Google/Chrome/_Application_/new_chrome.exe'  // ver: 65.0.3325.146
// see http://chromedriver.chromium.org/capabilities
ChromeOptions options = new ChromeOptions()
options.setBinary(new File(chromeBinaryPath))
// open Chrome browser specifying the location of chrome binary
WebDriver driver = new ChromeDriver(options)
// let Katalon Studio use the Chrome browser activated by this script
WebUI.comment(">>> opened Chrome browser at ${chromeBinaryPath}")
// execute some steps
WebUI.verifyElementPresent(findTestObject('Page_CURA Healthcare Service/a_Make Appointment'), 20)
// close the browser

Hi Kazurayam,

Thank you for your quick suggestion. :slight_smile:
It was working fine.