Test cases supporting i18n


does anyone has a solution to handle internationalisation (i18n) in test cases?
As an example, I want to run a test which contains Verify text with English value, and run the same test case but the text verification will be done in Italian or German.

I guess there is something to do with test data, but could’nt find the best solution for this.


No ideas on this case?


There is no possibility to easily implement i18n on Katalon currently?
Maybe there should be a solution with data files?

One easy solution is using multiple expected data for one assertion. This can be done using regular expression: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/21006093/regular-expression-to-search-multiple-strings-textpad

Example using ‘Verify Text’:

WebUI.verifyTextPresent('Text in English | Text In German', true)

I was more expecting a solution to define a Language which will redirect to a properties file containing key/Value string.
For example:
messages_FR.properties :

  • HelloString = Bonjour
  • GoodbyeString = Au revoir


  • HelloString = Hello
  • GoodbyeString = Goodbye

Then in my test case I use HelloString and it will find the correct value in the correct file depending on the language to use:
Mobile.veriFyTextPresent(message.getString(“HelloString”)) (this code is incorrect but it is only to describe a possible solution)