Data Provider for tests like in TestNG

Is there Data Provider functionality in Katalon like there is in TestNG?

My scenario is that I would like to run the same test in many different Browser locales. The test must have access to which locale is running to identify which user that should be used to log in to the applications being tested.

I think your talking about data driven testing. Im sure this would work for the scenario you are listing.

If this doesnt help please get back to us with more info on exactly what you want to do.

Thanks for the reply.
In my scenario I would like to run the same test for ~25 different locales. In each test the Browser locale needs to be set to the locale being tested.
Currently, as far as I understand the Browser locale is set on a project level (Project Settings->Desired Capabilities) in Katalon Studio, so only one locale per project. How could I read it from the test data instead?