Test Case Status

Is there any option to set test case status as “Not Run” ? Its only have option to set test case as Passed,Failed, Error using KeywordUtil (eg:KeywordUtil.markPassed) . I do really appreciate if I could set test case as “Not Run” using KeywordUtil.

I don’t understand what the point would be. Even when all steps are disabled, the final status of the test case is “Passed”

You can print messages out as NotRun but that doesn’t change the Test Case status.

import com.kms.katalon.core.logging.KeywordLogger

def log = new KeywordLogger()
log.logNotRun('Hello World')

Also, you will see this complaint in the console:

Please use “KeywordUtil.logInfo()” instead of “new KeywordLogger()” constructor. “KeywordLogger” is an internal API and might be changed in the future.