Test Case Run Frames Problem

Im trying run a test case in which i have selectFrame index=2, if i play the test case it will find the frame, but if i execute the command alone it will grab it and work normally after that, any help? on how to make it work by just playing it.

[info] Browser: Firefox Version: 59.0

[info] Executing: | selectFrame | index=2 | |

[error] Timeout

[info] Time: Thu Mar 22 2018 13:21:58 GMT-0400 (SA Western Standard Time) Timestamp: 1521739318620

[info] Test case failed


Sorry for the late response. Could you please provide more details about the AUT and the script?


I am using Katalon Recoder. I recored and it show selectFrame | index=5. But when I play this suite and then got error. How to solve it?

[info] Executing: | selectFrame | index=5 | |

[info] Expand variable ‘index=5’ into ‘index=5’

[info] Executing: | click | link=Add a new product | |

[info] Wait until the element is found

[error] Implicit Wait timed out after 10000ms

[error] Element link=Add a new product not found