Test case is not running


I faced an instance where the test case would not run. It did not open the browser, show a compilation error, nor any type of error. After troubleshooting the issue, it turns out that having a variable of CustomKeywords, ex: CustomKeywords x …, would crash the run action.

Is there any explanation for this? And perhaps any tips on the best practice for calling CustomKeywords, instead of typing the whole normal syntax?

Thank you

I never use “the whole normal syntax” as you put it.

To help you, you need to help me but posting your code.

Hello Russ, my apologies for the lack of code. What was meant by the “normal syntax” of using a Customkeyword is calling it using :

A simple example of a test case
WebUI.callTestCase(findTestCase(‘Test Cases/Log In/Log In Basic’), null)


int count = CustomKeywords.‘findChildrenCount.getTableSingleRow’(Object, 2)


My question here is if there’s a better way to call the CustomKeywords?

However, the main topic of this thread is why did Katalon not show any error message or notification when I randomly typed:

CustomKeywords x

Is there any explanation behind this behavior?

Yes, like this:

import static YourKeywordClass.* // get all methods STATICALLY


Make sure findChildrenCount is declared static, too.

I had not thought of importing my Keyword package. Thank you Russ!