CustomKeyword call CastomKeyword. it doesn't happen

**1.I have massage: **test FAILED because (of) Variable ‘CustomKeywords’ is not defined for test case.
2. in the TestCase this is done
3.and before the message Custom Keywords is underlined
4.**how am I supposed to live with this?


public class kw1 {
def execute1 (){
public class kw2 {
def execute2 (int input1){
      def var1=input1
            var1 = 222


The CustomKeywords’ scope is in TestCase. In other words, it can be used in TestCase script mode rather than in CustomKeywords.
In other to call other functions from other classes, you could use the basic programming way of groovy instead of using CustomKeywords object, for example:

new kw2().execute2(10)

in what area of Katalon can I declare a new public method?

It is in Keywords section where you can define any classes, methods and custom keywords.


it doesn’t work int testCase

new kw2().execute2(10)

its **underlined

But its works in the CustomKeyword area


did you have kw1 and kw2 setup like the structure I posted in previous comment?
Could you post the script of kw2?