Test Case Failure Screenshot

How can I get the Screenshot that is captured by Katalon Reporting while Test case execution if the test case fails in @AfterTestCase Listner method?

Hey @nirav.makwana

You have to just set Project > Setting > Report > Checked Take Screenshot when execution is failed.

This should be take screenshot on each test-case failed.

Thanks @prashant.b for the response, But I am looking for explicit Screenshot name which I can sent to Test Rail Bug tracking took through API.
So I need the name of the Screenshot file that Katalon has taken on test case failure.

Hello @nirav.makwana
Please set up the Katalon Analytics Beta link to automatically take a screenshot of the step in which the test has received an error and the step in which it received an error. This analysis will automatically take a screenshot of the step in which you received the error in case of faulty test cases.

You can get very detailed reports with Katalon Analytics Beta link. Integration is easy. As shown in the screenshot below for incorrect content, screenshots of the wrong step are automatically taken and saved.

You can view or download data at any time, as the results of all backwards tests you run through Katalon Analytics Beta are stored on time and date basis. I recommend you use.

In addition, to take a screenshot in the test steps yourself:

WebUI.takeScreenshot ()          // To take a screenshot

WebUI.takeScreenshot (‘C: \\ Users \\ test \\ Desktop \\ test.png’)        // To save to Local

Project > Settings > Report section does not appear to be in version 7.9.0 :frowning: