Test case development

Can we develop test cases with out using record in Katalon even before the GUI screens are available can we develop test cases before hand.


The TestObjects stored on the Object Repository are merely ways of encapsulating data about HTML elements (and a few other things) found on a web page. They do not represent “live” elements on a page, they merely tell Katalon how to find the real HTML elements on the page.

You can build your own TestObjects either by…

1 - creating them by hand before you build and run test cases and add them to the Object Repository, or…

2 - build your own at “test case runtime”, in memory

For #1
All a TestObject needs is ONE sure-fire way of finding the real HTML element. I use CSS, some prefer xpath. Choose which you prefer – it really doesn’t matter which.

Build your TestObjects with sensible names organized by page (each page in its own folder).

Write your test cases using those objects.

For #2
That’s a longer answer… let me know if you’re happy to write your own groovy code, know how to handle keyword classes etc and don’t want to use the Object Repository for your Test Objects.