Can I create my test without objects

Can I create my test without objects in Katalon

You can have ONE object only.
You can call it however you want.
An then in your script if you want to click something, let’s say a button, you do this:

def myButton = WebUI.modifyObjectProperty(findTestObject(‘Object Repository/PATH_TO_YOUR_DUMMY_OBJECT’), ‘id’, ‘equals’, ‘ID_OF_YOUR_BUTTON_IN_YOUR_WEB_PAGE’, true)

And then you can reuse your dummy object as many times as you want.


If you want to display “hello” by Katalon test case, obviously you do not need any TestObject. But I suppose you want to do something more meaningful.

You should describe what you want to do. How the target HTML of web page looks like? What do you want to do with the web page ---- verify text, click button, or something. If you have written your test case and are not happy with it, then please show us your code and tell how you want to change it.