Takes too long to open .feature file

It takes a minute or more each time when opening a .feature file or being in a .feature file and trying to find a step. It is very annoying and time consuming.
Please fix this. Thanks.


Can someone look into this problem? Is it happening only for me?

Just FYI, the Cucumber bundled in the current Katalon Studio is a bit old:

hi @kazurayam,

This issue and some related BDD issues have been resolved in KS v5.11. We will build announce the beta release soon.
[BDD] Display more details of failed stack-trace message when running BDD feature file
[BDD] Issue with @After hook for cucumber feature file
[BDD] Takes too long to open .feature file

Hi @Bogdan_Alexandru, @kazurayam

Please let us know if Katalon Studio v6.0.5 has resolved this issue