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Testing efficiency is how to conduct testing efficiently having time and cost constraints. It can be achieved by automating tests, thus reducing human error and cost, prioritizing functionality to test by evaluating what is most critical for a system. It ensures most mission critical testing done first and helps to identify defects earlier.

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Testing efficiency is a measure of how effective testing is in identifying defects and how efficiently the testing process is conducted. In other words, it measures the ability of testing to uncover as many defects as possible in a given timeframe and with a reasonable cost.
Achieving testing efficiency requires careful planning, effective communication, and the right tools and techniques.

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Testing efficiency measures how well project resources were used to fulfill the organizational goal. It is essentially the number of test cases executed divided by the unit of time, It evaluates how many resources were planned and how many were actually utilized for testing. Test efficiency considers people, tools, resources, processes, and time while calculating efficiency



The greatest effect of testing efficiency is the phase where, as a QA, you can grab a beer on a Friday night and the testing results give the dev team work over the weekend. Of course, this is done through efficient test documentation, smart execution and comprehensive automation. :slight_smile:

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Test efficiency is an internal process for an organization that evaluates the utilization of resources which could be a timeline, hardware, manpower, expertise of test team, etc. to develop a software product.

Test efficiency is a metric that helps to assess the overall effectiveness of the testing process. It is measured by measuring the ratio of the quality and quantity of defects found to the total amount of testing effort expended.

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Test efficiency can be used with the 80/20 rule. It is an assertion that 80% of outcomes stem from 20% of the effort. Put simply, it’s about creating the most impact and influence with the minimum amount of work.

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