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Katalon Studio is the best way to start your automation skillset right. If yu’re not technical enough build an automation framework, Katalon got your back!

I had the same experience, but thanks to Katalon, all of the basic of automation made it easier and overtime you will apply and utilize it once you’ve build on your own! :slight_smile:

Number: 47


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luck number: 13

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my number : 34

Testing efficiency depends on the quality of tests and the level of quality required.

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i’ll take this number than

Do I need to create the comment again with a different Number or edit the same and changing the number is enough? looking forward to your reply

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Testing efficiency measures how well project resources were used to fulfill the organizational goal. It is essentially the number of test cases executed divided by the unit of time, It evaluates how many resources were planned and how many were actually utilized for testing. Test efficiency considers people, tools, resources, processes, and time while calculating efficiency


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