Switch Webdriver

How can I switch to another webdriver when using Katalon to test applications on browsers, (if any) is there a way to minimize the impact on the scripts?
Because my teacher wants each test suite to be tested on at least 3 different browsers


Really realistic prompt :rofl:. I would like to suggest:

  1. Create Test Suites: Create separate test suites for each browser you want to test. For example, you can have one test suite for Chrome, one for Firefox, and one for Edge.
  2. Set the Default Browser: automation - Change default browser in Katalon Studio - Stack Overflow. This is the browser that Katalon Studio will use by default for new test cases and test suites.
  3. Use Profiles: Katalon Studio provides a feature called “Profiles” that allows you to define different execution configurations for your test suites. You can create profiles for each browser and configure the WebDriver settings accordingly.