1 Test Suite with Multi Browser

Would it be possible to create a single test suite that changes browsers mid way through a run without using a test suite collection?

I have a project that consists of two separate websites. One client facing the other a CMS. I need to run the automation in IE, issue is the CMS does not cater for IE as its not client facing. Some of the test cases require content to be created in the CMS and then verified on the Client facing website. I some how need to create the content in the CMS using a different browser and then verify using IE.

I am just looking for a simpler way than using multiple test suites and a test suite collection.

From what im aware (I may be wrong), Test suite collection is currently the only way for you to be able to do this. I personally dont see anything wrong with this, if you choose this route and need help getting your suites set up just let me know :slight_smile: