Suggest Design Structure to automate testscripts for multiple device sizes


I am looking for a design structure and methodology to automate the test scripts for multiple screen sizes (Small, Medium, Large, Xtra Large)
Also i’m unable to set the window size greater than 1008px for chrmoe browser.

Pls suggest

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Anyone with the experience in this please help

Pls try testing - How to set window size for Chrome in Selenium? - Stack Overflow

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You can create 4 Execution Profiles named Small, Medium, Large, Xtra Large.

Each Profile will contain a pair of integers WINDOW_WIDTH and WINDOW_HEIGHT.

You will develop a set of Test Cases which use the GlobalVariable.WINDOW_WIDTH and GlobalVariable.WINDOW_HEIGHT to control the size of browser window.

You will create a Test Suite that binds your test cases.

You will create a Test Suite Collection that includes the Test Suite repeatedly 4 times each associated with one of the Execution Profiles: Small, Medium, Large and Xtra Large.

You can run the Test Suite Collection, then all 4 device sizes will be tested as a single batch.


nice link thanks !

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Thanks Kazurayam !

Define Executuin Profiles: Buy Autodesk Revit 2024 online. Small: GlobalVariable.WINDOW_WIDTH = 800, GlobalVariable.WINDOW_HEIGHT

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