[Studio] Need help with Mobile Testing (calculator app)

Hi, Im new to Katalon and I dont know where to begin. We need to test on an Calculator app with Katalon and I still cannot launch the Calculator app. Im looking for so long that im being overflow.
Please give me some advice, or guildline or steps to begin with.

I have only installed Katalon Studio. But I do not know what Calculator apkPackage and apkActivity is. What else do I need?_What should I do next. Im screw

Many thanks

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Hi @dbchau20, :wave:

Welcome to Katalon Community!

It would help other forum members, and our team, if you could give us more information and/or a screenshot/video so we know what you are dealing with.

Thanks! :+1:

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Hi @albert.vu
Well, currently I’m dealing with Calculator App Mobile Testing.

I followed a tutorial on youtube. So I got this test case script after having a record.
Correct me if I doing right on track.

Following by that, I want to test many data as possible for my addition test case. I have imported an excel file for data, How can I get the ImageButton value when tap on the number button, many thanks.

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Whilst you are recording, you can rename the test objects (as far as I remember). You’ve noticed that when you use the recorder with no additional input, you can end up with duplicate names, since the attributes are basically the same - hence you now have multiple versions of ‘ImageButton’. Much better to name these manually according to whichever naming conventions makes sense eg ‘btnNumber3’ etc.
Your question is a little unclear to be honest but when you say ‘how can I get the ImageButton value when tap on the number button’, I think you really want to know which test object is which - so my answer is, give them a clear name to start with. See this for further reading:

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@Dan_Bown, so as the answer be given, I should create more Test Object and rename it right? Do you have any idea except for selecting all possible button in the app and rename it?

This is my script
and this is my variable declaration

The variable has been bind to the test data.

My idea is that I should give the setMobileLocator() an argument which is the first variable value and second variable value. But this code wont work for some reason.

But can I really do it?
Or else do you have another idea other than create more test object and rename it?
Many thanks

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Well, you could create all test objects / buttons programmatically or create test objects in the Object Repository. The value you are using for the programmatically-defined TO seems to have an Accessibility value of 0 (ie variable ‘second’ = 0. I would guess that the value should look more like an ID? What do the locators look like if you use Spy?
There are other variations on what the TO would look like but the above are two simple categories

@Dan_Bown @albert.vu I have create TO programmatically

I have only 1 error left with this script. I think it comes from the verifyEqual line.
The result data is the expected value, has been bind to the result variable
This is the error noti

Please help. Many thanks sir

can you add this amendment in bold:
def out = Mobile.getText(mobileObject3,0)
I’m not around for some time so this is quick thought!

It got another error sir


One more comment for now but do you need to write this as a method? Also, ‘Void’ should be ‘void’. I’m assuming you have a closing } since i can’t see one in the screenshot?

omg it is the void error. Thank you sir. I read the sample code somewhere that the return value need to be capital. Many thanks sir

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