Storing data from web in a variable, and use same data as input within the same script?

How can we save a dynamic data from web in a variable and use the variable as input in same script.

Example:After registration, i want to save registration number in a variable, and use same data as input in same script to login again.

Can we do that ?
-please suggest a way in normal scripting not in code type thing.

Also please note, we cant give delay command and type manually , as they belong to different screens.

Kindly suggest accordingly.

as i wrote in other thread

def x = WebUI.getText(ElementYouWant)WebUI.setText(OtherObject, x)

Thanks for prompt response, but i was trying to give a variable in the captured script, i was unable to find the global variable (X)option in the tool as mentioned

Pleas find below reference from my screen



where exactly can i find this option(Global Variable) in the tool…?

let me explain i am try to capture a text from web and store it in global variable say X, which i will be using as input to another field which is in same script.

Please tell me if this is possible or not?

for Katalon 5.4 and above read this

Are you just looking to see how to set, then use a Global Variable, such as?
GlobalVariable.fullName=“Katalon Studio”
WebUI.setText(path_to_object, GlobalVariable.fullName)

As mentioned, you would set up the Global Variable to use as part of the profile, then call it in the script when needed.