Capture generated data from the web

I’m looking for a way to capture the information from the website to use it for the next case. For example, in my first test case there is a button for generating a number I press that button the number is populated in the text box. How can I get the number from the text box or save that number in order to use that number for the 2nd case in the same test suite.


Test Case 1

//Modify a global variable
GlobalVariable.myNumber = getText(...) // e.g. "6"

Test Case 2 (3, 4, 5 etc)

WebUI.comment("My number = " + GlobalVariable.myNumber) // "My number = 6"
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Once the number is in the textbox, you should be able to retrieve the number by:

GlobalVariable.gButtonNum = WebUI.getAttribute(to_textbox, ‘value’)

And then you can use the GlobalVariable reference across the Test Cases within a Test Suite. Just a note that the value of the text box will likely be a String reference and not an Integer. Although you are saying it is a number in the text box, it will still likely be a String, but if needed, you can use conversion to get the Integer back, such as:

String number = "10";
int result = Integer.parseInt(number);