Start the Mobile Object Spy without a specific apk Application File?


Maybe it is a curious question…
When we use the Mobile Object Spy we need to specify the apk name (Application File) in Configurations pane.
This is a little bit annoying because my application is restarted each time I need to capture an object.
So if I need to add an object right now in my Object Repository, first I start Mobile Object Spy, then I loose the context because my application is reloaded and I have to do again each steps manually to reach my object.

The only solution i see for the moment is to use a “fake apk” (like a notepad or timer apk…), but is it a good solution ?
Or is there a way NOT to specify this initial apk ?

Thank for your help.


=> Sorry but I just realize that I do not have to close the Object Spy Windows each time… i can just reduce this window and close only the “Device View” window !!

It’s a good concern @olivier. There were some similiar questions about this case but Katalon Studio now doesn’t support except your smart solution.
We will improve this in some next major releases, maybe v6.2 or later.

Thanks for choosing Katalon.

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