Start starts in landscape but using mobile spy shows the ios keyboard in portrait. How to fix this?

I have an ios app which I when starting opens in landscape by default, however the buttons according to mobile spy are in portrait. To solve this I just click the landscape buttons and then it works okay.
But when I come to a text field to input strings into, the ios default keyboard appears. When using mobile spy i can see that it is identifying items from the landscape keyboard, but they are appearing in a portrait fashion. This results in very random clicks on the left side of the app only and I cannot use the kayboard with Katalon correctly.
I tried getting the objects, saving them in the repository and then running a test with clicking on those buttons specifically, but this results in the odd portrait clicks like in the spy window.

Is it possible to fix this and access the ios keyboard in landscape or is Katalon limited to portrait only?

Hello, has anyone resolved this? I am also facing this issue. Elements are not highlighted on its exact position in spy mobile.