'Stacked' Global Variables in Katalon Recorder


At the moment, Katalon Recorder already features Global Variables. This is a great shortcut when it has come to effectively creating re-usable ‘objects’, so maintenance on automation scripts can become much easier.

The issue with the current solution is that a user cannot effectively embed other global variables within a global variable (e.g. fetch one from within another), as if the user does, any other global variables are purely included like a text string within that global variable, so an operation that could look like:

click | ${GlobalVariable.XX} |

…ends up looking like…

store | ${GlobalVariable.AA}${InScriptVariable}${GlobalVariable.AB} | InScriptNewVariable
click | ${InScrtptNewVariable} |

So instead of potentially having a single Global Variable within your script, you can end up with multiple, which you then need to ‘construct’ on the fly in the script, too. If you repeatedly use this in a script, it could double or triple the length (if not more), depending on the frequency.

Or you could end up with something even longer and more ‘bloated’ than the example above.

So, I would appreciate it if we can please get something along these lines supported.


Thank you for letting us know and I will raise ticket on your feature requests.

However, to let all others know, Katalon is now prioritizing developing platform-driven product; therefore, any KR releases and requests should be expected to be delivered a bit slower.

Thank you!