Global variables

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Using Version 5.6.5, is there a way to define Global Variable for an URL to open for each test case?

You can create a profile under the Profile section, define a variable called url with your URL and then in the test cases you put ${url} instead of the hard-coded URL.

Hope that helps!

I’m trying also use the global variable but with the command Open we are not allowed to use ${url} in the target filed, only on Value. Also we need to use ${GlobalVariable.url}. Anyhow it won’t work, it will add “$%url%7D” at the end of the current URL

Ver. 5.7.3 same problem. can’t use variables

Hi everyone,

Currently the Global Variable feature only works in Value field. We’ll let you know when you can apply Global Variable to Target field.

My apologies for the inconvenience.

Hi all,
Can someone help me?
I have a file. “parameter .krprofile”
It is a file generated after downloading profiles
But I can’t find a way to upload it

Hi there,

Importing profiles into KR is not currently supported yet, It should be available soon. Stay tuned.

Thanks for using KR!