Spy Tool Bug After Update 5/20/2019

I have found a bug where when you go to save the captured elements, when on the verify screen, the elements I have captured are not visually there.

see attached Image of issue

@Joseph_Coverstone Which version for update? Please send more details information (log file, url, …) to investigate.
Thanks for your report,

Today i updated version 6.1.1 to 6.1.5 . web object spy is not working properly when try to capture objects using web object spy . Browser opens but it is not navigates to the given given url

Please provide more details(log file) and url to use capture. You can find it under Help -> Error Log

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Hi @Alice… Got it …that is resolved… I used firefox version 66.0.3… after upgrading it to 66.0.5 it is working now… thanks

Hi Alice, I am using the desktop version of Katalon. Please see below as well as attachment for the Log.

Google Chrome: Version 74.0.3729.157 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Katalon Information:
Version: 6.1.5
Build: 3

Katalon.log (362.4 KB)

Hi @Joseph_Coverstone

I see your screenshot contains an iframe and its children, is this problem also present with normal web pages also or just with iframes in particular ? Can you older versions of Katalon to see if the bug is there too ?

Cheers !

Where do I get an older version of Katalon to test this out for you ?

@Joseph_Coverstone You can download older versions from

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