Spy Object does not capture on Alt+`, it highlights red on cursor but does not capture

Please help as I am trying to get the scripts recorded but basic object detection is causing the problem as it highlights but does not record the Object.

It sometimes takes as soon as it highlights in red and on click release it highlights in the green border but it takes a lot of time and its hard to capture all object. Please suggest if steps taken are incorrect as to me it’s not smooth.

Can you try to HOLD Alt key and then press ` to see if it works in this case?


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Which type of Keyboard are you using? US-Keyboard? or something else (French keyboard or JIS keyboard)?

I think that the Katalon Spy Web’s Alt+Backstroke would work for those who use US-Layout Keyboard, but it would not work for those using other types of keyboard. This problem occurs because the KeyCode emitted by keystroke of ALT+Backquote depends on the Language and Keyboard setting of Windows OS.

Please refer to the following post for my findings: