Spy Mobile Utility

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Hi all,

I’m busying doing automation testing on mobile - my is how can i display the list: android.widget.ListView on katalon console from the app.

Please help a brother out.

For example. say i want display all the textview in the list to katalon.

I too face the same issue. We have select in UI web app. But in mobile its showing list view. I need to take the list and click one option please guide me how to do it.

Is there a way to evaluate an xpath and evaluate it in the aplication or something like that?or is the only way to
capture every object and save it ?. Thanks!


Anyone knows how to spy objects of Chrome in android emulator?
I used this as Application ID : “com.google.android.apps.chrome.Main”

But Im getting this error

By the way, if anyone is interested. The correct value to be entered is “com.android.chrome”

hi. how did you find out this is the correct application id?