Special character ^ not read by cucumber step


I have a string in my cucumber example which has the ^ character in it such as :


my Step is something like

@Given(“blabla (.*) in titre”)

When I run the test, every character are set on the text field expect this little ^ which just decide to not appear at all. So the result is : Ex-ample!($#86)@So*%82 but I want Ex-ample!($#86)@So*^%82

How can I do that ?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I don’t know much at all about cucumber. That said…


  1. ^^ (two of them)

  2. \^ (escaping) or, maybe, \\^ but doubtful

  3. %5E (percent encoding)

None of them work sadly

How do I use this ?

Could it be the regex from the step that don’t accept the ^ ?

Like I said, I don’t know much about cucumber so I’m not aware of the context in which you trying to use the string.

percent-encodings are typically used in URI/URL situations.

If there is a regex in the context, then yes, ^ is a problem and needs escaping like this \^