Katalon treatment of special characters in restful objects


I have a command i have to send to my server using a GET request ,each time i save it , katalon keeps removing special characters

for example i have the folowing request

http://serveraddressisnotimportant.com?xml=<commands><command id="202"><username>yis_user</username></command></commands>

when i create the object everything is fine but when i save it ,katalon removes the two quotation marks (command id=“202” → command id=202) .

My questions :
why doesn’t katalon encode the special characters automatically?
why doesn’t katalon let me escape the special characters (by using \)?
why doesn’t katalon prompt me to tell me that there is a problem before removing them ?

currently i have a keyword to do this (but if the objects work it’s way better)
a work around : encoding the string before giving it to the object

Have you tried using escape character backslash \ before each " ?

yes katalon removes them ,i forgot to add the double slash in my original post , i corrected it

thats why i’m frustrated :sweat_smile:

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