Sort the thread in a post by timeline

The replies don’t follow a timeline so it’s hard to see how the exchange of information is made between people. You read someone asking a question who posted on Sept 2017 and then the next reply is from someone from March 2017. Then someone else provides a solution to the problem from Sept 2017. When you read it thinking that it follows a timeline, the provided solution does not make sense because you think the solution is for the problem from March 2017. Now imagine when the thread is especially long with interesting information. It’s a nightmare.

You spend more time doing matching between comments than actually read upon the solutions that might help you solve your problem.

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Can you post a link to a thread that shows this problem? I’ve never seen that happen.

Saying that, perhaps there were some threads that were “broken” when Katalon switched forum systems.

This thread right here:

The image below shows what i see on my screen. Notice that the replies don’t make sense.

Thank you!

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Yep, confirmed, it’s a bit messy.

Pretty sure it’s what I said - merge problem from the old forum.

@devalex88 any comments?

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They belongs to the first forum which preceded the previous one (antepenultimate? :smile:). Let me see if there is anything I can do. Thank you @NaCl-y for the report.

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