SOAPUI equivalent of Transfer Property

Two questions:

  1. How to take data from response and pass to next call? (example: token from response to next call)
    See image from Soap UI. Saw this question asked, no answer for other user.

  2. I have built out projects from Soap UI, is ability to import SOAP based projects coming any time soon? Currently having to manually rebuild everything. See the import soap in katalon, only imports REST.

Thanks in advance!


Any update on this? So many people have asked for this feature. Are we to basically build a whole java class to accomplish this?

I am able to, for example grab text from XML and use a split command to narrow down the text I want (auth token) but I cannot figure out how to add it to a request. This is for SOAP. I repeat SOAP. so many helpful tips for REST, nothing for SOAP.

SOAP Going to provide a step by step guide to do a basic transfer from response body to message body. I am sure there are several ways to do it. Here is one. The Soap call I will use as an example is a GetAccessToken.

Step1 (Make empty globalvariable slot): open up default profile (or whatever you use for execution)
make a new global variable called token and set it to empty string. Save and then refresh project.

Step2(set up global variable on call):
import internal.GlobalVariable as GlobalVariable

RequestObject request = WSResponseManager.getInstance().getCurrentRequest()
ResponseObject response = WSResponseManager.getInstance().getCurrentResponse()

//Get element to be transfered(can also use xmlparser to achieve)
String Token = (WS.getElementText(response,‘GetAccessTokenResponse.GetAccessTokenResult.Token’))

//How did I get the element I want to transfer in format Katalon wants?
//Hover over to understand how to write

//Sets Global Variable
GlobalVariable.Token = Token
println Token

//What it looks like in call scriptview

Transfer Token into next call(which is a createShoppingCart call)
Step3(add a local variable linked to globalvariable made in step1):


Step4(Add local variable to request):

Step5(create a test case and run both calls):