SOAP request disappears from Object Repository

I’ve loaded a WSDL into Katalon Studio 7.2.1. All SOAP methods have been successfully added to Object Repository and I can run them from there. But when I close and reopen Katalon Studio, the methods that I’ve used/customized are no longer shown in the Objets Repository Tree. Whether they have been added to Test Cases or not doesn’t seem to have an impact. When the request was added to Test Cases, the test case can no longer be run because the request Object has disappeared.
Has anybody seen the same behavior ?

Hi @ddanneels,
Do the request object files (.rs files) still exist in your file system?

Thanks for your answer. Yes the .rs files are still there. In fact, the problem is the presence of CDATA in the request body. It causes parsing error on file loading. If I remove CDATA by hand, I can reload the whole project.
Of course, I would prefer to keep CDATA to improve user readability of test cases.

Hi @ddanneels,
We will note this issue for improvements.

I can confirm, I am having the same issue, at least I learned that removing the CDATA can open the files, I thought they were lost.

Do we know if this has been resolved or when this will be resolved? We seem to be seeing this in Katalon 7.8.2 when request body has CDATA

Might have a workaround, but it’s messing up our web service’s validators on some endpoints. So, the workaround doesn’t work for all services. This needs to be resolved.

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