SOAP API - Verification log - Broken?

Running a simple soap request to get an access token. Have a snippet in verification tab that looks at status code. When i run call using “test request and verify” log is blank. Also have a verification snippet that looks for text in body.

This was not the case a month ago. Ran fine.

Got to thinking if there were any setting changes i made in past month that could of caused this. I did bring my console log level to less than trace AND i turned off logging test steps during execution. I have since turned everything back to where I used to have it.

log level: Trace
Enable test step logging

and still API soap calls with verification snippets and or without snippets produced nothing in verification log on call.
Just thought I would add that info if it helps troubleshoot.

Hi @rtetrault,
Which version of Katalon Studio do you use?



sidenote… selenium jars on this build and previous seem old and out dated. shrug
thanks for looking into this.

Hi @rtetrault,
Can you tell me which version it is still OK?

version is 7.7.1 and no the log is still broken