Should :: support all selenese commande natively

Why do Katalon Studio does not propose every Selenese commands as Built-in Keywords ?
It would be very convenient (Selenese are richer than present Katalon Keywords) and would please those who come from open-source field.

Why do Katalon Studio does not propose every Selenese commands as Built-in Keywords ?

Let me take a guess or two…

1 - Nobody has done it yet?

2 - Katalon Studio already supports Se so nobody has bothered to write the same thing over again?

Which APIs are you missing that cannot be recreated in Katalon/WebUI framework? If you have any, post them one by one in the Suggestions forum, then, If people think it’s worthwhile, they’ll probably upvote them.

Russ Thomas,

I really enjoy your help. Thanks a lot! I did’nt realized that nobody did it yet. Without you, I just deserve to go walking on a freeway. You are my very savior.

And what about really considering my suggestion instead of mocking it?

Of course most of API or framework can be recreated in Katalon. But the purpose of a software is to facilitate some operations. Of course you can get rid of it and only use low-level progamation languages. But wouldn’t it be rewrite it from scratch?

I do not have a technical background and I pledge every day for easier and more convenient softwares. ISO/IEC 9126-1 >> Usability chapter.

If Selenese commands are supported in Katalon, so why not making them available as built-in keywords?

It would also facilitate the understanding and using of imported selenium scripts.

Nobody is mocking your suggestion, you asked why and I took a couple of guesses. Then I asked some questions which you chose not to answer. Then I suggested what you might do to take your suggestions further.

Relax. Chill. Peace.

As to your updated questions, I don’t know, I don’t work for KMS/Katalon Team.

Boris and Russ,

Thank you all so much for interesting discussion.

Selenense commands are too generic and in order to perform a single action, 90% cases that we need to combine a few Selenese commands, from finding the element, verifying some information to performing the action. We have to do the same tasks again and again for every single element.

Katalon’s built-in keywords, on the other hand, provides more meaningful actions to help users performing the same test scenario with fewer steps and more readable steps. For examples, when clicking a button, why users should care about waiting for it clickable while we can implement the keywords including it?

There are a few different commands between Katalon’s built-in keywords and Selenese. If you want some keywords that have not available yet, feel free to leave a message at Suggestion Box, we will make a plan for it.

Thanks again for paying attention to Katalon Studio.