Should I re-use the same test case in test suite

I have login based web app that am trying to automate for below scenario’s.

TC 1. Login
TC 2.Verify Login
TC 3.Navigate to an article
TC4. Verify user has full access to the article

My question is what is the best approach to test those scenarios, let’s say i have a few articles that I want to check if user has full access. Do I re-use TC4 multiple times after going to those articles?

Example from my project:
-/Navigate to/ those test cases are simple one-step cases where you go to some URL, I want to re-use them not only to check for access
-/Article Barriers/ those test cases assert if user can see full content or not

My problem with this approach is that there is simply a lot of adding the same cases and moving them around into the right places, also there is a lot of those cases in one suite, if I have 10-15 suite like that it adds up to quite a number in the reports.

I was thinking to use ‘Call to test case’ somehow but I don’t want to hardcode some of those test cases and make them non re-usable.
Thanks for any tips.