Setup/Teardown for TestCase-Folders and inheritance

I’m new to Katalon, so maybe i’m overlooking sometime. Please tell me.

I see the need of adding su/td to every test case manually as error-prone.
If there are 10 test cases in a folder with the same setup, i have to copy&paste the setup from one to the other. When ever laters comes a new one … i have to copy&paste again!
(at least the calls, the implementation be a reusable case, method or keyword)

What i want:

  • Having su/td at the folder and automatically applied to every test case within folder. So i just set the su/td just once and don’t have to care about new test cases.
  • this should build a stack of inherited su/td
    Basic example is a login to our application. This should be done to 95%+ of our test cases.

At best it’s visible in the UI with icons and can be done in the same way like a test case (with keywords or scripts).

I had this at different automation tools, like selenium with java and QFTest, and missing it here.

I know the su/td at test suites, but don’t see this fullfilling my needs.
I see this suites as test management, planning the time when to execute tests. Here is the su/td related to executed time, like different systems need for the release.

Kind regards