Set text disappears from form

I have a peculiar problem to which I was unable to find an answer. I use SendKeys command to input text into the field. I can see the text going in, but as soon as I move onto the next field, the text in the previous field disappears.

I Enter and Tab after sending a string and tried variations of the above to move the cursor along, I tried simply not tabbing along at all and I tried Set Text instead of Send Keys. Every combination of methods produces the same result - as soon as I start populating the next form, the text from the previous form disappears! Obviously, this does not happen outside of the test environment. I can use any method to input data on the website without the text disappearing in real life.

I wonder if anyone came across a similar problem before and if they could share some thoughts on it.

Share the HTML of the field in question, please.

Sure. This is an Angular (7.2) frontend, here is an example of one of the inputs:

To answer my own question, inserting a few seconds delay BEFORE SendKeys command seem to have sorted the problem!

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