SendKeys() not working in FireFox

For some reason my TC works in Chrome, Edge, IE, but not in Firefox.

I am clicking on an element to activate an input box.
That input box I can sendKeys to in Chrome, but when I run it in Firefox it keeps throwing the “Element

is not reachable by keyboard”

I can type manually into the input when the TC fails and stops.

I tried the waitfor X or even the Delay keyword, but the sendKeys will just not work. I have also tried using Set Keys as well.

I don’t think the element is hidden or under a layer, I tried all divs tags that highlight that input field.

Hello how are you.
Ultimamene happened to me and it was because I was missing this sentence in the import

import org.openqa.selenium.Keys as Keys

I hope it helps you

Thank you, but yah that is there…like I said, it works in ALL browsers except Firefox ;<

You should update WebDriver.

From the main toolbar, select Tools > Update WebDrivers > select Firefox browser in the drop-down list.

That’s strange. What exactly error message you got from error log? Perhaps, you can share your website or Katalon version you are using so that we will be able to give you best solution.

I figured it out…

apart of our app there is an active area to change a word in a pre defined template. when u click on the word to change it, it invokes an input area to change the word, but when u click on the input after it gets activated, it causes one of the div classes that is blocking the input box from sending keys.

the click in the input works in chrome, but I had to remove that step for firefox.