sendKeys Not working for ${KEY_TAB} on Katalon Recorder

I am attempting to use the sendKeys command to press the TAB key. There are times that it will work and times that it does not. I am not sure if the function is just broken or what exactly is happening but I could use some help.

Browser: Chrome
Command: sendKeys
Target: CSS locator
Value: ${KEY_TAB}

When it breaks the error in the log reads:
[info] Executing: | sendKeys | MY CSS LOCATOR | ${KEY_TAB} |

[info] Expand variable ‘${KEY_TAB}’ into ‘’

[error] Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘length’)

Update on this. So it seems that if I run it once it will break, but if I stay on the same page and run it again with the same command lines then it works and I get no errors. Seems like a bug to me

Hi, thank you for reporting. I’d like to reproduce this, do you have a public website where this behavior can be observed? Are you typing into a textarea or an input?

I am typing into a text area